How Much Does Dog Grooming Cost?
How Much Does Dog Grooming Cost?

Professional grooming sessions for dogs, is a costly affair. There is nothing as a fixed cost. The cost depends on many factors:

Dog Grooming: Cost by Size

Many groomers base their price depending on the size of your dog. The base cost for an average dog is around 60$. The price depends a lot on breed of your dog. For a toy dog it can be 20$ and at the same time for a giant breed it can be 100$.

Dog Grooming: Cost By Coat

A dog with long and thick coat will require more shampooing and grooming. So automatically, the cost will increase. The cost will also depend on how much time it takes for your dog to groom.

Dog Grooming: Cost by Service

Your number of services also determines your cost. If you are just going for bath only service, your cost will be less. But if you want to include services like cutting. Clipping, refreshning and deodrising then your cost will shoot up.

Many dog owners will go for a full grooming session. A full grooming session will include a bath, blow dry, ear cleaning, nail trimming or clipping, nail shaping etc. many people go for vitamin spray on their dog’s coat. This keeps coat healthy, shiny and clean. Additional services like cleaning teeth nail painting, flea baths etc. can also be availed and will cost more. Dog grooming prices will also fluctuate with the style of haircut. Normal pet cuts are usually 20$ to 30$ cheaper that the fancy cuts.

Your average cost also varies with the type of dog breed. For West Highland Terriers, Bichon Frise and Miniature Poodles the grooming cost ranges from $30-$50. However cost for medium sized dogs like Wheaten Terriers, Collies and Chow Chows is around $40-$60. For arge sized dogs like Bouvier Des Flandre, Old English Sheepdogs, Saint Bernards and Standard Poodles you will have to pay around $60-$100. Dogs like Poodles, Schnauzers and many of the Terrier breeds only require small trimmings and coat shaping. These services need to be availed in every 3-4 months. So the average cost will lower down. Their average cost of bathing and trimming will be $15 to $20.

Some people prefer to groom their dogs at home. For this, you will require right kind of equipment. You should always try to buy this equipment from a good store or from a good brand. Every dog groomer must have a dog grooming brush. A brush will come it variety of shapes and sizes depending upon the size and thickness of coat. The average cost of a brush is around 10$. You should also keep a good dog shampoo, if you feel your dog looks messy you can instantly give him a bath. A bottle of good shampoo will cost close to 30$. For all those dogs, which require a regular trim or cut, will need a dog grooming kit. The dog grooming kit costs around 30$. It contains scissors, shears and clippers.

In case if you feel these equipment are too costly, you can get good offers on these equipment online. Order online and save your money.

Pet Grooming Equipment

Dogs and cats are your great companion. It is your responsibility to take proper care of your pets. Apart from loving and taking a good care, you should actively involve in their personal hygiene. There are many pet grooming parlours, which are mushrooming all over the globe. For some they can be costly. Therefore, if you want to groom your pet personally, you should have a proper knowledge of the pet grooming equipment.

There are many dog grooming equipment found in the market. Depending upon the type of pet you have, you can choose your pet grooming equipment. Your equipment can reduce the prices which you pay at costly grooming parlours.

Cats and dogs are the pets, which are taken to these grooming parlours. Let us study the equipment that are separately used for cats and dogs.


Cats are known as self-cleaners. They lick and clean themselves. A regular combing is required to loosen the lodged hair. A you require a good comb depending on the fur of your cat. If the fur is not properly combed these loose hair will be swallowed by the cats during their licking process. A good combing brush will act as a massager and spread the natural oil all over the coat, which will make the fur shiny and oily.

Indoor cats face the problem of long claws. So a pair of nail cutters is a must equipment for them.

Ear mites are the biggest problem with cats. You require a good eardrop to regularly clean your cat’s ears. These are medicated ear drops which will also clean away the black coffee grounds from your pet’s ears. Cats usually clean themselves, sometimes you can require hand wipes, to wipe off their fur.


There are varieties of dog grooming equipment found in the market. They vary as per the breed, which you have. A dog also require a proper brushing, the brush will depend on the hair length and volume. Dogs with long hair require frequent brushing.

Dogs have nails which needs to be trimmed timely. If you do not clip them properly, they will grow inwards and can even hurt the soft pads of your dogs. Long nails will also cause problem in walking. So you should definitely purchase a good clipper or a nail cutter. Dogs with big floppy ears experience the problem of ear mites, wax and infections. Using soft cotton pads, you can easily clean your pet’s ears. You can also use the ear powder and commercial ear cleaning products, which are medicated and safe to use.

Dogs have very sensitive ears so you should regularly clean and inspect their ears.

Owing a pet is a wonderful experience. Your pets are like your family members and require proper care and love. If you have proper pet equipment, your job becomes much easier and cost effective. There are number of brands found in the market, which keep endless amount of equipment and accessories. You can get information about them online, and even place your order online. You will get whole lot of stock from bath products to nail polish.